Twitter in the Classroom – Go Texas?

The below is a video regarding Dr. Ranking at uTexas at Dallas’ use of Twitter in the classroom.  It’s quite a long clip so I will give you my thoughts/questions before you get out the popcorn and comfy pants:

  • obvious presenter concern: how does she teach a class and follow what’s going on on twitter at the same time? is this a discussion “lab” without a lecture etc?
  • not only does use of twitter as discussion tool allow shy students a more comfortable way to speak up, but depending on their twitter id/display pic, it also potentially enables anonymous contributions
  • has the “world” ever chimed in? depending on the keywords used, and whether all these accounts are “private,” the right class topic could actually spark a broader discussion among twitter users not just those who are her students
  • #hashtag spamming has been increasing – potentially the class could get spammed?
  • intellectual property? from the screenshots in the clip, there are some pretty risky thoughts being communicated – i saw “KKK” at one point. are students properly aware of how public their submissions are? is there a class given on twitter privacy settings and the implications of public vs private accounts?


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