Setting Up at the New Office

Every new computer means a new Firefox download and set up.  I don’t know how fans of other browsers get by without the seemingly endless list of add-ons available for Firefox.  My recipe for Firefox convenience has changed a bit recently – here are the add-ons that made it to my current environment:

  • Delicious (always – but with everything removed other than the “Tag” toolbar button)
  • My Morning Coffee
    Set up daily, weekly, weekday links that open at the click of a button.
  • TweetBin
    Adds a sidebar showing your twitter stream (you & friends), as well as a post box to easily tweet whenever the urge strikes while browsing.
  • Read Later
    This is a new one that hasn’t had much use yet.  Adds toolbar and address bar buttons that mark current page for later reading (when you don’t have time).  I find that I never get back to this type of reading though …
  • Maholo Share
    Toolbar button submits current page to a variety of services (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, delicious) – account information is saved in the plug in so that you don’t have to login every time you want to share.
  • FireFTP
    Opens an FTP service in a new browser tab – amazing. And it works!
  • FireShot
    A staple in any webber’s browser – takes full page screenshots.
  • Video Download Helper
    Haven’t used this much as I don’t do a lot of video but I’m hoping it will help save videos to hardrive when otherwise not easy to do so …
  • Google Reader Watcher
    Keeps a live count of feed updates on your Google Reader account visible in status bar – kind of depressing, but it helps me keep on top of it, somewhat.
  • MeeTimer
    A total curiosity … clocks the amount of time spent on each website. Tag websites by “work” “procrastination” etc and then set up alerts to remind you that your daily procrastination limit has been reached.
  • SEOQuake
    An essential social media/SEO monitoring tool
  • Google Notebook
    Google has shut down this project but anyone with a pre-existing account can still use the plugin – I find it great when researching online (for keeping notes and citations etc)
  • TwitThis
    Easy one-click sharing of current page to Twitter

Happy Friday!


  1. I usually keep my browser as minimalist as possible, but that MeeTimer thing looks too good to resist. I’m sure my procrastination time will be extremely depressing.

    • @phronk did you end up installing meetimer? i love it but have been too lazy to “categorize” all my sites … i’ve been using an adobe air application called slimtimer to track time spent on tasks though – very simple!

  2. I love MyMorningCoffee – really handy in t he AM when I’m trying to fucus quickly. I’m going to look into Tweetbin for sure.

    • @erica let me know what you think of the others 🙂 my plugin cocktail changes daily!

  3. I did install it, but yeah, it’s hard to categorize all sites. I did put all the major ones in there, and the ones I marked as procrastination kept causing an annoying popup so I turned that off. Which I guess defeats the purpose. 🙂
    It’s kinda neat to just look at once in a while and see where I spend most of my time. I’m gonna check out slimtimer too.

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