Recommended Reading: March 27 ’09

Some things that happened:

  • Twitter is being taught in the UK school system
  • China has blocked YouTube (again), apparently
  • Facebook is asking users to comment on new policies

Some things worth reading:

“Two-thirds of the Web users polled said they checked their e-mail often during an average day, and 95% checked at least once a day. In addition, over one-third of respondents used IM several times a day.”

The average among Canada’s Internet users is seven online accounts. No wonder that 53% of those polled said it was time-consuming to log in to all their accounts, manage message traffic and keep profiles up to date.”

Fewer than one in five (18%) of those polled said they used a Web browser or other application to aggregate their online accounts and profiles.”

  • Gary Hamel: Managing the Facebook Generation
    I love this article because it makes me feel special.  Kidding?  I really do believe that the current twenty-somethings are an entirely different workfoce (and not just because it makes me feel special).  I work incredibly hard from 9 to 5 and then I go home to my life of gym, dinner, puppy, relationship, family, friends and cleaning. I don’t mind going above and beyond, but only when it goes both ways – I won’t kill myself while my colleagues are at the bar schmoozing. I also have incredibly confidence and really think that my opinions are worth hearing – which I think is another widespread characteristic of the incoming young professionals. We have gone through almost twenty years of school and have been told that we are properly prepared – we don’t expect to come in and be treated as blank slates.
    Mostly, I love this article because whether or not it’s true for all of “Generation F” it’s pretty close to the mark when it comes to me (me me me), and maybe managers will be more prepared for how I work if they read it?  That said, I am in an absolutely fantastic work environment right now and have no complaints (just speaking from past experience). 

Some tools to explore:

  • Streamy: similar to Netvibes, iGoogle, PageFlakes – check your tweets, feeds & facebook statuses all in one platform
    I don’t really have much use for this, but it’s another one to watch.
  • TwitThis: Firefox add-on places Twitter share button right in your address bar
    I also tried URLBarExt and Shareaholic.  I’m hoping that this add-on will finally get me down to one click sharing.
  • TweetDeck: TweetDeck itself isn’t news to anyone in the twittersphere but its new Facebook integration is … Now we can choose which tweets go to Facebook, which ones go to Twitter, and which to both – saving my Facebook network from my 25 tweets a day.

Cheers, my dears.

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