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I always mean to  comment on social campaigns as I see them, and usually never end up doing so.

I received an email today about easy.staples.ca (connected to Staples/Business Depot).  Staples has developed a microsite based on their “easy button” campaign, and i’ve got some hope that it will be similar to myvault.scotiabank.ca – a fantastic resource site open to anyone, not just Scotia Bank clients.  So I’m thinking, Staples is brilliant! A microsite that offers online tools for work and school? That is a great way to have me coming to staples.ca about as often as I check Facebook.  The promo in the email is to login and make your own list – user-generated content, great.

The site itself is very young.  There are only 4 lists created by users so far – lists of things you need for a positive homework environment, or what to take on a family road trip.  Launching a new UGC effort often has this frustrating stage before content starts to get come in.  Casual browsers like me stop by, see nothing, and move on instead of contributing.  All in all, it’s great to see Staples taking a look at this type of approach but it might stand a stronger chance if they coupled the “list of lists” with some articles or interactive tools, or even collected some “lists” and posted them prior to launch?

Online version of easy.staples.ca email

Online version of easy.staples.ca email

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