2009 Slideshare Statistics: wow, thank you!

Slideshare is a fantastic service for sharing presentations (and other things as well) – I repeatedly recommend it here at work and if it isn’t the presentation equivalent of Flickr to photos, I hope that it someday is.

The site sent me an automatic email with the following stats for my 2009 presentations:

Thank you so much to all those that looked at my work – it has been just a fantastic year with opportunities that I couldn’t have imagined even 12 months ago. Thank you specifically to Heather Kerrigan, Ann Hetherington and Brenda Liston-Hanley.

I plan on trying to keep my speaking to weekends only this year – but am excited about my next engagement (on a weekday) where I will be discussing personal brand and online privacy best practices with a group of teenaged young women over at King’s University College.

Thank you again for reading, I feel honoured!

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