#heweb09 Increasing Web Usability (with or without a redesign)

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Notes from #heweb09 presentation – visit http://2009.highedweb.org for abstract & podcast.

Eye Tracking

poynterextra.org/eyetrack2004/hp7.htm > part of an eye tracking study > this is how fast people are looking through your pages.

users will spent at approximately 10 – 15 seconds scanning your site before clicking away – consume about 20%

F Pattern or Golden Triangle (piece of pizza principle) holds true.

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#heweb09 jQuery: An Introduction – as easy as (pan)cakes?

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View the S5 presentation: http://www.ViethFamily.com/jQuery

There is absolutely no room in the jQuery session at #heweb09 – we started early because no one else could fit. Overall it’s been quietly exciting – lots of demos, a great introduction – I’d like to hear about the pros, cons vs flash and also some live examples (i.e. a school website)

BTW Our new homepage (launched last week) uses jQuery for its animations: http://www.ivey.uwo.ca

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Mobile Email Marketing: Best Practice Example 0

Mobile Email Marketing: Best Practice Example

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A recent email campaign by Chapters Indigo has the same little line of text you should see at the top of any HTML email – but instead of saying “Can’t see properly? Click here to view in your browser” it reads “Click here to read on a mobile device.”  (The browser option is also available on the next line.)

Attention email marketers: this is a fantastic idea! It was only a few months ago that I started seeing HTML email load on my Blackberry Curve 8310 and only Blackberry users that chase down device upgrades or on newer devices would be seeing this! This workaround from Chapters links the user to a text only version of the campaign – easily consumed both by HTML have and have-nots.

Chapters email campaign includes link for mobile readers

Chapters email campaign includes link for mobile readers

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eduWEB day zero

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Arrived in Chicago about 5 hours and ended up on the same hotel shuttle as @mherzber. I have two lovely big beds to myself, and have seen the sub set from the 96th floor of the hancock building – and now about to head out with a few eduweb speaker/delegates.

Other than that, very excited for day 1 tomorrow – now fingers crossed that this post typed via bberry actually goes through!

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Twitter in the Classroom – Go Texas?

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The below is a video regarding Dr. Ranking at uTexas at Dallas’ use of Twitter in the classroom.  It’s quite a long clip so I will give you my thoughts/questions before you get out the popcorn and comfy pants:

  • obvious presenter concern: how does she teach a class and follow what’s going on on twitter at the same time? is this a discussion “lab” without a lecture etc?
  • not only does use of twitter as discussion tool allow shy students a more comfortable way to speak up, but depending on their twitter id/display pic, it also potentially enables anonymous contributions
  • has the “world” ever chimed in? depending on the keywords used, and whether all these accounts are “private,” the right class topic could actually spark a broader discussion among twitter users not just those who are her students
  • #hashtag spamming has been increasing – potentially the class could get spammed?
  • intellectual property? from the screenshots in the clip, there are some pretty risky thoughts being communicated – i saw “KKK” at one point. are students properly aware of how public their submissions are? is there a class given on twitter privacy settings and the implications of public vs private accounts?


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