Tim Horton’s – Like us on Facebook! 0

Tim Horton’s – Like us on Facebook!

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in marketing

You would think that I have a passion for email, what with how often I drop examples from my inbox into this blog!

Here’s another one – nothing much to say, but I wanted to capture the treatment/push to Facebook in the bottom corner.  What do you think?

Screen capture of Tim Horton's Fathers' Day email campaign

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Win the World: Air Canada Flash Contest

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in marketing

Received an email campaign from Air Canada today inviting me to “win the world” (aka 6 flights to my preferred destinations).  The campaign was stunning visually. Usability was a bit low – almost every field of the entry form was required, more than 15 fields.  Also, when it came time to “win the world” I was supposed to click one of the fluttering pieces of confetti flying about my screen – which was officially impossible because the flash slowed my mouse down and the confetti’s were moving too fast anyways.  On the plus side, the game was triggered if you clicked anywhere – not just on a confetti, so I was still able to enter.

As usual, once you enter you are presented with the opportunity to fork over your friends’ and family’s contact information in exchange for additional ballots in the contest.  I don’t usually fill these out – sometimes because I don’t want to be a jerk, and other times because I just don’t have anyone’s email addresses memorized.

Rather than asking me to type in contact info, if the site had offered to send me an email that I can send to others – or if they had just followed up with a “thanks for entering, now forward this to others” email – it would only be a few clicks for me to shoot it out to as many friends as possible – I would already be in my email program with contact list in hand.

Anyways, I am hoping to visit family on both sides of the country in the next year – so cross your fingers for me that I win!

PS wouldn’t it be neat if I’d been able to publish a link to my twitter and facebook saying “I just entered!” – with the motivation that for each time my status was clicked I received extra ballots? If that had been offered to me just now, this contest would have just reached slightly under 1,000 additional people …

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Display Different Content for Fans & Non-Fans on Facebook 0

Display Different Content for Fans & Non-Fans on Facebook

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in marketing, socialmedia

Just noticed this today, the Bud Light Facebook Page is running a contest for fans of their page.  If you navigate to the UFC tab of the Bud Light Facebook Page, different content is shown to the user depending on whether they are already a fan or not.

Why care? Conversion is going to be much higher because all the user has to do is click “like” and then fill in the form presented to them.  The alternative is saying “Please click the button to ‘Like’ us and then navigate to this link and fill out the form that you can now see because you are a fan.”

Also, previously you have been able to define different landing pages for fans vs non-fans (do we call these likers vs unlikers now?) but in the end both audiences could see all your content.  Now, we seem to be able to have content exclusively for each audience – great for targetting, hitting home.

What you see if you have not yet "liked" the brand

What you see if you have not yet "liked" the brand


What is shown to those who "like" Bud Light

What is shown to those who "like" Bud Light

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Get out of debt by shopping at Chapters! 0

Get out of debt by shopping at Chapters!

Posted by on Jan 5, 2010 in marketing, mobile, opinion

I’ve written about emails received as a Chapters Indigo customer before, but this one just struck me as funny: advice on how to get out of debt – starting with a book purchase (and several other books that would be relevant as well).

On the email-marketing side of things, they’ve done great with the nice little “Viewing this on a mobile phone?” that loads a plain text version in your browser – I might have not gone quite so plain and kept some links (aka calls to action/next steps) in there – or a phone number to shop by phone would have been a nice touch (blackberries and iphones highlight phone numbers for one-click calling/contact adding).

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Don’t spend your web budget all in one place … err, at the same time?

Posted by on Nov 2, 2009 in marketing, opinion

The web as you know it will change between the start and finish of your project

Web marketing, just like its offline brothers and sisters, includes hours and days and weeks of talking, whiteboarding, scribbling and hair pulling – and this all has to happen before you can even start to picture your final project brief.

‘Web content’ and ‘cutting edge’ are defined differently by every single person, ever, on the planet.

Having just (sort of) pulled through a site redesign, I’m taking the time to look back on the process looking for TSN turning points.

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Presentations 2K9

Posted by on Oct 13, 2009 in conference, higher ed, marketing, mobile, socialmedia

In a fit of organization, I’ve created a page that embeds the presentations that I’ve put together over the last year, as well as links to presentations I gave while at Academica Group Inc.

Here are a few that you might be interested in:

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