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Facebook & LinkedIn show better results over time for sharing links

Posted by on Feb 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Our redesigned alumni newsletter was emailed out this past Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, we created 3 separate links and used each on a different social network when promoting the online newsletter.
We posted status updates with the links on Twitter and Facebook, and started a discussion including the link on our LinkedIn alumni group.
Twitter started showing clicks immediately, and LinkedIn showed almost no reaction at first. Facebook was somewhere in the middle. After a few hours, Twitter stopped showing activity, Facebook continued to plod along and LinkedIn started showing activity.
In the end, Facebook brought us the highest number of clicks (9 of a total 22). LinkedIn came in second over Twitter (7 of 22), and Twitter brought in 6 (of 22)
Here is a little table:

Population Clicks % that clicked
LinkedIn 2405 7 0.3%
Facebook 638 9 1.4%
Twitter 263 6 2.3%


  • Twitter responded the quickest, but had little impact after the first burst
  • Facebook and LinkedIn provided results over time: content on these networks has a longer lifespan
  • Facebook yielded the best return for us but Twitter users were the most engaged
  • The LinkedIn post would have been emailed to the 2,000+ members of the group whereas neither of the other networks would have had this type of support

Overall, I’m glad that there are services such as Seesmic/ and TweetDeck that streamline this for us – because 22 clicks is not a huge yield out of an overall audience of 3,306 (0.6%). LinkedIn is the service that I haven’t been able to streamline yet, which means that I have to post once to Twitter+Facebook, and then post a second time to LinkedIn – and it’s also the service that had the lower return.

Note: I could probably update all 3 in a single go via, so I should look at this with our next announcement (though lately we’ve been trying to do individual posts on each network as much as possible, rather than carbon copies across all three). #hashtags seem to throw off some Facebook users, also Facebook has a higher character count as does LinkedIn, etc.

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Still seeking aggretate + distributor 1

Still seeking aggretate + distributor

Posted by on Jan 27, 2009 in socialmedia

Just read ReadWriteWeb’s 2009 social media trend predictions, and for the most part I agree.  The one that they touched on that rings closest to home is that now is definitely the time for a site that reduces the workload of membership in multiple networks. I want all the information of my networks, and I also want to be able to manage and communicate to all my networks from a single place.

This was one of the concepts that drove us to take SkoolPool(TM) cross-platform.  What was once a Facebook Platform application, is now also a MySpace app and a hub website ( – users from all three networks are visible on any single location (log into Facebook, see MySpace too etc).

I’ve looked at – and it seems to be a great solution for pushing out content to all my landing sites (twitter, facebook, beyond).  But it doesn’t seem to pull any information in from the networks … am I missing a setting?

I’ve looked at friendfeed – and it does a great job of aggregating the 3 contacts I have that have bothered to add a login to their arsenal of usernames.  I haven’t bothered trying to recruit people over to the dark side because I know that they won’t want another login, and besides, I want something that works with my already existing network.

I just poked my head into  Even if it was only a distributor (which it seems to be), the promise of mobile in Canada is fun (Plurk seems to work in Canada, by the way).  I finally found the link I was looking for: “Connect Zannel to your world” but it looks like a type service that will let you push out via phone or computer to any of your other networks, but still is not pushing back in.  At ReadWriteWeb’s recommendation, I poked into Noovo right after Zannel and found pretty much the same thing.  When I synced with Twitter, Noovo asked me if I wanted to follow my twitter friends on Noovo (I said yes) – but I can’t find them anywhere.  And in order to network with my Facebook connections, I have to invite them over to Noovo. Again, just one more login.

This all makes me feel pretty proud of our programmers actually, because at least lets you run on your Facebook or MySpace ID if you want.  Right now we are only push/pulling information on skoolpool controlled pages across, myspace and facebook – but at least it’s push/pull right?

Here are my rules for creating a game changing social aggregator+distributor in one:

  • DON’T make me create a username
  • DO pull my profile info from the network of my choice (Facebook, MySpace, whatever)
  • DO show me recent activity and communication from contacts across multiple networks
  • DO let me change common fields on more than one network (they all have display pic, status – let me change these across all networks easily)
  • DO have apps that I can drop into my networks, so that I can do all these things from the network of my choice if I prefer not to go to your website
  • DO let me push content to connections on other networks (without them having to register on your site and re-friend me).

If you’ve got a site that’s doing all this – let me know because I’m dying for it.  Otherwise, I’m going to keep using iGoogle where I can see everything on a single page (but I might be switching back to Netvibes as the Twitter, Facebook and pop mail applications seem to be stronger on Netvibes …).

Treat:  Web 2.0 Name Generator

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SEO for Facebook

Posted by on Jan 9, 2009 in marketing, socialmedia

If you have a lovely new official Facebook Page, obviously you want it up there on the first page of results.

Chances are however that if you have a lovely new anything it probably will not have the “social capital” to merit a first page listing on Facebook.  Let’s search for:

  • Bishop’s University … Alumni Group ranks #1, Page ranks #6
  • Butler University … Page ranks #7
  • Harvard University … Page is not even on the first page of results, and is ranked #3 when filtered for only pages.
  • Stanford University … Page is #1
  • New York University … Page is #1

Brown is a really interesting example.  Query “Brown University” gives me a hit from my friends list as #1. Followed by some very well populated groups (1,000+ members on most).  And then, the Brown University Facebook Page shows up at #7. My first theory was that the number of supporters (group members or page fans) had something to do with the results order – but the Brown page has 3,352 fans compared to the Brown 2012 group that has 1,433 members. Do fans not matter as much as members?

Another theory is that the title matters. What I mean is that searching Boston University will rank results titled “Boston University” higher than results titled “BU”.  However, NYU’s Facebook Page gets the number one spot even when you search for “New York University.” And in a search for Brown University, the group titled WMU Class of 2012 is shown higher than the facebook page titled Brown University. I’m starting to feel tongue tied, so I’ll leave you with that … this will be on my mind over the next few days and if you’ve cracked the code – I’d love to see your cheat sheet!

PS. Facebook does not <3 apostrophe’s.  Half the time my searches for X’s automatically drop the ‘s.  i.e. search for Bishop’s and get a bunch of results for bishop (none of them being Bishop’s University).

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Facebook Screenshots with FireShot Plugin 0

Facebook Screenshots with FireShot Plugin

Posted by on Jan 9, 2009 in marketing, socialmedia

I owe blog updates, and this is a paltry offer. At least it’s something.

Months ago, Kyle James posted a list of Firefox Add-ons for Higher Education.  (They are useful for most folk, not just higher ed).  SEOQuake and FireShot were both in his list, and are now put to use constantly through my day. Thank you!

Facebook’s new profile has a handy dandy little utility bar floating along the bottom of your browser window – following you wherever you go on a page.  The downside to this useful little bar of shortcuts is that is foils screenshots. See?

After a few months of pouting about my messy looking screenshots, I realized that all you have to do is scroll to the page bottom before taking your shot. So if you would like a lovely long capture of your entire Facebook Page or Group or Profile, just install fireshot and then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page before taking the capture. Voila:

See? The bar is at the bottom now! Hooray!

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FB Allows FBML Page Banners 0

FB Allows FBML Page Banners

Posted by on Nov 25, 2008 in marketing, socialmedia

I was wrapping a new FB page today for a local business, and noticed this:

Facebook offers to use FBML app instead of Profile Picture
So if you happen to have HTML literacy in your toolkit, you can know do a heck of a lot more with that huge chunk of prime page real estate.  The Profile Pic box is 396 pixels wide and can extend to almost any reasonable length.  It will be interesting to see what Page managers do with this new flexibility – I know my first step will be adding in a link to www homepage!

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