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Google Buzz: #FAIL or Fab?

Posted by on Feb 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

For me, Google is the new LinkedIn.

I have a Google account linked to about 20 of Google’s various services. Analytics, YouTube, Reader, Alerts, AdWords, Docs, Maps, FeedBurner, Notebook … and these are all great services that have a huge impact on what I’m able to do via the Internet – as a consumer of information, as a “webmaster” …

The one thing that is absent from my experience with all of these services (for me) is “social.”

I have a gmail account with zero contacts, because it exists only to log me into my other services. I use Google Reader to share what I’m reading – but I do this by running my Reader RSS feed through into Twitter. I have subscribers on my FeedBurner account, but I have no idea who they are.

YouTube is social – but I don’t happen to be one of those users that has subscribers or makes comments.

Really, it’s the professional tools that have had me adding connections. Our web team is all on Google Analytics. We use Docs to manage our incoming work requests. And now, I’ve dipped my toe (very shallowly) into Wave to collaborate on a conference.

The thing about professional services … is that these are the people that i want to put up walls with. Not because they aren’t fantastic – I spend more time with them than most of my friends (thanks 9 – 5), but it’s just plain smart to separate personal from private.

So it looks like I’ll be treating Google Buzz (and all Google products) as a professional network. I’ll run my twitter feed through it – because I use Twitter to publish things that I am comfortable with having completely public. Almost 0% of my “personal” social network uses twitter.

There are things that are only of value/interest to my “professional” world, and others that are only of interest/appropriate for my “personal” world. Then there are things that might appeal to either or – especially as both services continue to mainstream and the lines blur.

So what does Google Buzz mean to me? Another service that I will pump my Twitter, Blog and “what I’ve been reading” list through. I’m almost hesitant to even set up a profile – it’s informal/fun fields (super power?) set a tone for glib content that I might live to regret three years down the line when I stumble back across it and realize that my funny-at-the-time answers have been floating online all this time in the background on a network I forgot about because there was no motivation for me ever to come back after filling out the profile back in February 2010.

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eduWEB 2009: “I can do THAT with Google?” by @bradjward, blue fuego

Posted by on Jul 21, 2009 in conference, higher ed

Presenter: Brad J Ward, CEO – Blue Fuego

Abstract: I will walk through many of Google’s services and products and show attendees how they can use them to increase productivity within their workplace as well as provide a better experience for their website visitors.Sites featured include, but are not limited to, Google Docs, Maps, Alerts, Webmaster Tools, YouTube, Analytics, Forms, GTalk/GChat, Blogger and more.

Notes during presentation …

Recommended Reading: Free, Chris Anderson

First step: get a Google account that you will use for all of this …

Thought: stop and think whether other staff will ever need access – should you create a corporate Google account instead of using your personal one?

Next: set up Google Alerts – great way to get buzz about your institution.

Thought: I am almost anti-google-alerts … relying too heavily on it can cause you to miss a lot of important web content/buzz.  Remember to regularly search your brand (you’ll be shocked by how much didn’t show up in your alerts).

Brad’s Experience: Brad found out that Butler’s $13K mascot costumes had been stolen via a Google Alert.  Caught it early enough to hitch a ride with the buzz and blow tweets and youtube out of the water, even get mass media attention.

Thought: Best practice is to track down specific mentions of your brand, individual applicants commenting about their school decision.  Don’t try to do this for every social mention. Just don’t. Catch what you reasonably can, but unless you have a social army, it’s not realistic to respond to every tweet, blog post, facebook note, discussion thread. If you end up getting them all – great, but don’t hate on yourself for getting 90%.

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Yahoo Go! for Blackberry 0

Yahoo Go! for Blackberry

Posted by on Apr 15, 2009 in mobile, socialmedia

Google Reader, Search & Maps were probably the first application(s) that I installed on my shiney new Blackberry Curve 8310.  I uninstalled all the Yahoo! related apps because I just don’t Yahoo!, no grudge or anything, but I wasn’t an active user of their services.

Screenshot of Yahoo! GO 3.0 on Blackberry Curve (8300 series)

Screenshot of Yahoo! GO 3.0 on Blackberry Curve (8300 series)

I checked out when ReadWriteWeb blogged “Yahoo! Rolls Out New Mobile Web Campaign.” When I tried to load the URL on my phone, I got some sort of runaround and eventually figured that only the iPhone was included so far. Maybe I was missing something, or maybe things have changed, but Yahoo OneConnect does now load on my Blackberry.  It’s a little underwhelming until you hit “Upgrade to Yahoo Go!”

The interface is very pretty.  I was able to sort of quickly download and add a few widgets (Kraft Recipes, Wikipedia, and Facebook GO).  A search for twitter finds nothing, which means I will probably not end up using Yahoo Go regularly, if at all.

With a big of back and forthing, I got Facebook Go working however I keep getting an offline access disabled message/warning that I can’t seem to enable no matter how many times I try.  So that takes up half of the first screenlength. (Screenshot)

It’s not until the fourth screenlength that I get to see my notifications.  If I’m on the go, I think that I would definitely want to be able to see a) my notifications/action items, and b) newsfeed.  Facebook Go starts with status, location and photo uploads – two of which I can do via mobile email or SMS/MMS, so I don’t really find that worth putting above notifications.  Facebook for Blackberry has a nice horizontal nav across the top, and then your recent notifications aggregated below on the main screen.  Facebook for Blackberry definitely has its limitations, but I’m preferring it to Facebook Go hands down.

Screenshot of Facebook for Blackberry
Screenshot of Facebook for Blackberry

Now should we get to feeds? The news tool in your default “carousel” of Yahoo Go widgets looks fantastic.  I like the very iPhone popup that I assume is showing me my most recent feed item.

Screenshot of Yahoo News
Screenshot of Yahoo News

Once I click into the widget, it is prepopulated with a variety of Yahoo! feeds (sports, news, etc).  I can add my own feeds one at a time, or I can go to on my computer and manage my feeds from there.  Googling and yahoo’ing around don’t find me any way of importing in my feeds from Google Reader and I sure as heck am not adding 500+ feeds one at a time.  Game over.

However, I also installed the Feed Reader widget.  Trying to open this gets me straight to a connection issue – even on repeat efforts.

Screenshot of "Connection Issue" with Feed Reader widget
Screenshot of “Connection Issue” with Feed Reader widget

So, despite the slick interface, I will be sticking with Google Reader supplemented with Facebook for Blackberry and Twitterberry.  If you want to be my mobile start page, I’d be happy to downsize to one service instead of three – but in the meantime, I won’t be switching to Yahoo Go.  (Also, I got a prompt to set up pin-locking on my blackberry to keep my use of Yahoo Go secure. This means I have to type in my password everytime I want to unlock my phone – a total pain for someone who isn’t concerned about nosey boyfriends or gossip girl wannabees. So not only will I not use Yahoo Go, but I’ll be uninstalling it so I can take this pin-lock off).


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