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Tim Horton’s – Like us on Facebook! 0

Tim Horton’s – Like us on Facebook!

Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in marketing

You would think that I have a passion for email, what with how often I drop examples from my inbox into this blog!

Here’s another one – nothing much to say, but I wanted to capture the treatment/push to Facebook in the bottom corner.  What do you think?

Screen capture of Tim Horton's Fathers' Day email campaign

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Display Different Content for Fans & Non-Fans on Facebook 0

Display Different Content for Fans & Non-Fans on Facebook

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in marketing, socialmedia

Just noticed this today, the Bud Light Facebook Page is running a contest for fans of their page.  If you navigate to the UFC tab of the Bud Light Facebook Page, different content is shown to the user depending on whether they are already a fan or not.

Why care? Conversion is going to be much higher because all the user has to do is click “like” and then fill in the form presented to them.  The alternative is saying “Please click the button to ‘Like’ us and then navigate to this link and fill out the form that you can now see because you are a fan.”

Also, previously you have been able to define different landing pages for fans vs non-fans (do we call these likers vs unlikers now?) but in the end both audiences could see all your content.  Now, we seem to be able to have content exclusively for each audience – great for targetting, hitting home.

What you see if you have not yet "liked" the brand

What you see if you have not yet "liked" the brand


What is shown to those who "like" Bud Light

What is shown to those who "like" Bud Light

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Facebook Screenshots with FireShot Plugin 0

Facebook Screenshots with FireShot Plugin

Posted by on Jan 9, 2009 in marketing, socialmedia

I owe blog updates, and this is a paltry offer. At least it’s something.

Months ago, Kyle James posted a list of Firefox Add-ons for Higher Education.  (They are useful for most folk, not just higher ed).  SEOQuake and FireShot were both in his list, and are now put to use constantly through my day. Thank you!

Facebook’s new profile has a handy dandy little utility bar floating along the bottom of your browser window – following you wherever you go on a page.  The downside to this useful little bar of shortcuts is that is foils screenshots. See?

After a few months of pouting about my messy looking screenshots, I realized that all you have to do is scroll to the page bottom before taking your shot. So if you would like a lovely long capture of your entire Facebook Page or Group or Profile, just install fireshot and then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page before taking the capture. Voila:

See? The bar is at the bottom now! Hooray!

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FB Allows FBML Page Banners 0

FB Allows FBML Page Banners

Posted by on Nov 25, 2008 in marketing, socialmedia

I was wrapping a new FB page today for a local business, and noticed this:

Facebook offers to use FBML app instead of Profile Picture
So if you happen to have HTML literacy in your toolkit, you can know do a heck of a lot more with that huge chunk of prime page real estate.  The Profile Pic box is 396 pixels wide and can extend to almost any reasonable length.  It will be interesting to see what Page managers do with this new flexibility – I know my first step will be adding in a link to www homepage!

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