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Using PinPoint Social for Facebook “Like” Contest 0

Using PinPoint Social for Facebook “Like” Contest

Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in socialmedia

I’ve been a huge fan since my days as a Facebook application “developer” – they do amazing applications that seem to rise above the rest in terms of stability and thought to business/marketing needs. My love of Involver has blinded me to the flood of similar companies and product lines that are on the market: Buddy Media, North Social and PinPoint Social to name a few.

We recently worked with PinPoint on a promotion designed to increase fans on a new Facebook Page. I haven’t been closely involved with the project and haven’t seen the backend of PinPoint’s software, but I’m fairly impressed with the frontend experience.

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Got messy GIF’s?

Posted by on Nov 23, 2010 in iveywebteam, pseweb

So, if you’re a Photoshop master – please, off you go.  If you are like me and are not a Photoshop master, and you constantly end up with extra pixels on the edges of your darn transparent background GIF’s, then please read on …

RGB, not CMYK!

Take yourself up to the Image menu, go to Mode and make sure you are set to RGB mode.

Don’t save for web!

I learned to always use Photoshop’s Save for Web function when creating web graphics.  This allows you to compare the results of JPEG high resolution, vs medium resolution, vs GIF, vs PNG, etc. Turns out, GIF’s are better off if you just use Photoshop’s regular Save function. Maybe you could still use Save for Web to compare your possible outcomes, but if the decision is to go GIF, then cancel on out of there and use Save instead.

When to GIF

JPEG is for photos, and GIF is for illustrations. That is the logic I go by – but it’s always good to compare the two. Also, you can’t have transparency if you use JPEG, so that’s another factor.

A very brief post, but there you have it.  I’m by no means an expert on the subject, but I’ve been plagued with messy GIF’s for the last few months and I was just shown how to miraculously clean them up – so I thought I would share! Thanks Chris!


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