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Bootlegger: Email + Facebook + Contest 2

Bootlegger: Email + Facebook + Contest

Posted by on Nov 8, 2010 in higher ed, howto, marketing, pseweb, socialmedia

Just got this email from Bootlegger – it caught my eye for two reasons.  First, it uses a Custom FBML tab that displays differently depending on whether or not the visitor is a fan. Second, I really like the way that the display images uses white spacing.

Bootlegger Jeans Facebook Page - Custom FBML Tab - Non-Fan View

Above: The Bootlegger Fan Page if you aren’t a fan …

Take a look at the display picture.  It is very simple, but the spacing between the photo of the models, and the brand creative below the photo, makes it seem like Bootlegger has managed to earn themselves two display images instead of one.  Because Facebook has a white background – all you’ve got to do is throw in some white spacing and fake it.

Below: The Bootlegger Fan Page if you are a fan …

Bootlegger Jeans Facebook Page - Custom FBML Tab - Fan View

Here’s what’s going on: Facebook is checking to see whether each visitor is a Facebook Fan of Bootlegger.  If they are a fan, then they are shown specific content.  If they are not a fan, they are shown completely different content.

I think this is really effective! What could be more clear than the giant LIKE with a big blue arrow.  It is also very easy to do

A few more screenshots:

Bootlegger Jeans Website - Contest Landing / Registration Page

Above: The contest landing page for Bootlegger’s become a fan and win a $500 shopping spree contest.

Below: The email campaign sent out to Bootlegger’s customer database, promoting the shopping spree contest.

Bootlegger Jeans Contest Promo Email

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Win the World: Air Canada Flash Contest

Posted by on May 6, 2010 in marketing

Received an email campaign from Air Canada today inviting me to “win the world” (aka 6 flights to my preferred destinations).  The campaign was stunning visually. Usability was a bit low – almost every field of the entry form was required, more than 15 fields.  Also, when it came time to “win the world” I was supposed to click one of the fluttering pieces of confetti flying about my screen – which was officially impossible because the flash slowed my mouse down and the confetti’s were moving too fast anyways.  On the plus side, the game was triggered if you clicked anywhere – not just on a confetti, so I was still able to enter.

As usual, once you enter you are presented with the opportunity to fork over your friends’ and family’s contact information in exchange for additional ballots in the contest.  I don’t usually fill these out – sometimes because I don’t want to be a jerk, and other times because I just don’t have anyone’s email addresses memorized.

Rather than asking me to type in contact info, if the site had offered to send me an email that I can send to others – or if they had just followed up with a “thanks for entering, now forward this to others” email – it would only be a few clicks for me to shoot it out to as many friends as possible – I would already be in my email program with contact list in hand.

Anyways, I am hoping to visit family on both sides of the country in the next year – so cross your fingers for me that I win!

PS wouldn’t it be neat if I’d been able to publish a link to my twitter and facebook saying “I just entered!” – with the motivation that for each time my status was clicked I received extra ballots? If that had been offered to me just now, this contest would have just reached slightly under 1,000 additional people …

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New higher ed FB contest: StFX “Fly Home Free” 0

New higher ed FB contest: StFX “Fly Home Free”

Posted by on Apr 14, 2009 in bookreview, higher ed, marketing, reading, socialmedia

Yesterday, St. Francis Xavier University launched “Fly Home Free” a contest challenging current students to create Facebook groups titled “I love StFX because … (fill in the blank)” and collect the most members before the final day of the exams (April 24th – 10 days).  The contestant with the largest group gets $600 towards travel home (flight, drive, whatever).

Screenshot of StFX Fly Home Free landing page on Facebook

Screenshot of StFX Fly Home Free landing page on Facebook

There are a lot of things done right here by @stfxuniversity.  First, while the contest information is actually on a Facebook Page, it is being promoted with a much easier to remember .com that redirects to the more complicated Facebook Page url (  Second, the contest information is built as a new tab on StFX’s already strong Facebook Page. All the promotion for the contest will help push new people to the Facebook Page, and hopefully grow the number of fans aka social search points of the page.  Also, StFX will get basic analytics on all their traffic through the Facebook Page Insights dashboard.

It looks like there are some design limitations to using a custom page tab as a landing page.  My guess is that StFX was forced to fit content either into the wide left column or the narrow right column – as opposed to being able to stretch nicely across both.  The result is some icky whitespace (as opposed to pretty white space) in the right column.  StFX might have future plans for this space though – maybe a dynamic list of the top groups, who knows? Content in the right column, if possible, would even up the design by quite a bit.

Why I Love Group Contests

Facebook Search is a mysterious beast.  It’s obvious that it considers social capital (number of members/fans) and social “proximity” (does the searching user have any friends who are members/fans?), and maybe even activity (any new fans? any new wall posts?) – but the exact formula is still foggy.  Really pumping up your Page or Group and growing your membership definitely helps, and StFX’s contest will definitely result in increased visibility/traffic to their Facebook Page.  Another way to  make sure you show up on screen one of a search is to purchase demographic or keyword ads from Facebook’s Social Ads system.  A group contest is another great way to jump into the search results: imagine an applicant searching for “StFX” and finding the first three pages filled with groups called “I love StFX because …” – now that’s great testimonial marketing.

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