Using PinPoint Social for Facebook “Like” Contest

I’ve been a huge fan since my days as a Facebook application “developer” – they do amazing applications that seem to rise above the rest in terms of stability and thought to business/marketing needs. My love of Involver has blinded me to the flood of similar companies and product lines that are on the market: Buddy Media, North Social and PinPoint Social to name a few.

We recently worked with PinPoint on a promotion designed to increase fans on a new Facebook Page. I haven’t been closely involved with the project and haven’t seen the backend of PinPoint’s software, but I’m fairly impressed with the frontend experience.

Step 1: Get people to the contest tab on the Facebook Page

Landing Tab

Landing Tab

Step 2: Like the Facebook Page

Note the helpful text in the form fields …

Contest Form Screen

Step 3: Complete the form

Loving the form validation cues – this is on my wish list for forms on our websites at work. If only there were trees that grew time …

Form Validation

Step 4: Post on Profile(s)

Glad to see this included. It’s surprising how opportunities like this get skipped once apps go into build and little things start to give when the reality of execution sinks in and deadlines get closer …

Post to Profiles

Step 4a

I thought this message could have been a little less generic. I’m guessing the backend offers the opportunity to customize this, but we didn’t take the time or didn’t realize it? Something generic like this is going to be written off as a scam by most people. Also – the downside to any iPad contest that leverages Twitter – is the flood of iPad sales pitches that hit users as soon as they tweet the word “iPad.” We’re all in agreement that automated tweets/@mentions based on keyword searches are evil – right?

Post to Social

And that’s that. Step 5 (take me to a strategic URL) was missing. After I completed my submission, I was taken back to the bottom of the contest screen and all I could see was black. At minimum, I should have been scrolled to the top of the screen so that I saw the confirmation message. Preferrably I would have been taken to the Page’s “Welcome” or next call to action tab.

All in all, a nice experience. Pricing and info available at – a great looking website. Monthly pricing model – similar to all of the social profile app companies out there – darn it.

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