#GomezGold: The Selena Gomez Social Media Test

Selena Gomez’s Social Media Posts Are Evidently Worth $550,000 Apiece, according to measurement company D’Marie Analytics – and as reported in AdWeek, The Independent, NY Daily News, Mashable and just about everyone else that writes about marketing, entertainment and/or the Internet.

Assuming it’s not enough just to be young, talented and one half of #Jelena, just what is Ms Gomez up to that makes her tweets the best in the game? And what can you do to get yourself some of that #GomezGold for your own accounts?

What You Need:

  • Facebook: # of Page Likes, # of posts / month, # of engagements / month, # of new followers since yesterday
  • Twitter & Instagram: # of followers, # of posts / month, # of engagements / month, # of new followers since yesterday
  • Three Selfies
  • A Calculator
  • This Photoshop Template
Western University's Selena Gomez social media challenge results

Western University’s Selena Gomez social media challenge results

Go ahead and fill it in.

Here are a few of the calculations:

  • Audience per Platform = Platform Audience / (Facebook Page Likes + Twitter Followers + Instagram Followers)
  • Engagements per Post = Total Engagements for the Month / Total Posts for the Month
  • Followers Engaged per Post = Engagements per Post / Audience per Platform

Note: I am not sure how Selena’s Followers Engaged per Post was calculated, so I edited her numbers to use the formula above.

Now Share It.

Post your results using the #GomezGold hashtag and see how you fared. Why? We all use different numbers internally and this gives us something standardized and Selena’d that allows us to compare with each other.

Lessons Learned:

Do you post more than Selena? Why? What about you makes you more compelling than this dazzling, talented young woman living her life in the public eye for us all to thrill along with? You should not be posting more than Selena Gomez. Find your focus. Talk to your audience. Establish minimum content performance metrics and forever banish all content ideas that don’t achieve these minimums.

Do you engage less than Selena? Which of your posts hit the Selena engagement rate, and which fall below? Forever banish all those that fall below. Consider whether you have shared your account with audiences that are interested in you and your content. Consider whether your content strategy includes content that your audience will double tap for.

What is your platform split? Selena’s Instagram account claims almost 50% of her total social media audience. If your audience demographics are similar to Selena’s, you might want to be investing in Instagram and building an equivalent subscriber-base on that platform (and Snapchat, and YikYak). A note for my peers in college and university marketing: your audience demographics are Selena’s demographics; you need a strong Instagram account if you want to reach them. Are your audience demographics people? You might want to make sure you are covering your bases on Facebook. People are on Facebook. Jury is still out on Twitter.

Comment and tweet your #GomezGold test results and I will feature as many as I can in this post.

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