Personal vs Official Social Media Accounts, except on LinkedIn

I’m really trying to wrap my head around the roles of official vs personal social media accounts.  Some aspects of “personal social media use” are figments of your imagination – “opinions are my own” makes me hold you even more accountable for your digital unprofessionalism, not less.

I lean towards a strategy that says great content that shares your organization’s stories should go to the official accounts first. Especially in higher education where we have networks of hundreds of hungry Twitter accounts and Facebook Pages to feed, if you are lucky enough to capture something rad related to your school, send it to your neighbourhood Twitter person and see if they can use it to help the school be awesome at social media. Once it’s posted to a public personal social media account, the company can’t punk that content without looking like they are both late to the game and stealing your content.

Personal or individual social media accounts can help employers out by adding viral fuel to the content being created by the official accounts. Like & share posts from your official Facebook Page (if you really like them, and really want your friends to see them – let’s keep this legit). Retweet the official Twitter account. But don’t share LinkedIn Company Page posts.

Because you can’t.

Last week, we launched a new story across all our social channels and then (because the story was AWESOME and relevant to my personal social connections) I promptly shared the official post to my personal Facebook profile, retweeted the tweet and headed over to LinkedIn to share as well.

I tried the post on our University Page – no share feature. I tried the post on our Company Page – no share feature. Bummer.

I headed over to another school’s LinkedIn Company Page – one that I know to be active and awesome – and it has a share feature! Their University Page does not – so there’s just no sharing allowed when University Pages post things – but on Company Pages, yes we can (see screenshots below).

So the moral of the story, is that because I’m an admin on my company’s LinkedIn Company Page – I can’t share its posts to my own LinkedIn network. #aw

Screenshot of "share" option available on UofT's Company Page posts

Handy little “share” option available on UofT’s Company Page posts


Screenshot showing lack of "share" option on UofT University Page post

No “share” option on UofT University Page post

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