Zinio for iPhone, iPad and Desktop: Magazines giving it away for free?

Last year in an effort to dress a little more “together” and at the advice of my best dressed male friend, I subscribed to a few magazines.  14 months later, I ended many of the subscriptions because I just wasn’t reading them.

The way Elle Canada has been using new media catches my attention repeatedly.  Last year, I was blown away by their Blackberry application – with push notification of new articles (built by Polar Mobile – also behind the uWaterloo application).

This year, after several appeals via snail mail to take them up on their discount pricing, I’ve just received an email telling me that my digital subscription is available online. Good job – they didn’t let me fall out of the funnel. The email calls me to install an iphone application called Zinio – screenshots below.  It will be interesting to see how this works – if I end up finally reading the magazine now.  Either way, at least it’s not clogging up my real-world recycling bin. Have you noticed any publications getting mobile? So far the Zinio interface looks great and if everything else I want to read heads into Zinio, than I can see this being very useful.  What I wonder about is why introduce a new player (Zinio) when so many people already have the Kindle application installed? Is Kindle not able to do justice to the publication? Have you experienced any great print-gone-mobile magazines?

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