SEO for Facebook

If you have a lovely new official Facebook Page, obviously you want it up there on the first page of results.

Chances are however that if you have a lovely new anything it probably will not have the “social capital” to merit a first page listing on Facebook.  Let’s search for:

  • Bishop’s University … Alumni Group ranks #1, Page ranks #6
  • Butler University … Page ranks #7
  • Harvard University … Page is not even on the first page of results, and is ranked #3 when filtered for only pages.
  • Stanford University … Page is #1
  • New York University … Page is #1

Brown is a really interesting example.  Query “Brown University” gives me a hit from my friends list as #1. Followed by some very well populated groups (1,000+ members on most).  And then, the Brown University Facebook Page shows up at #7. My first theory was that the number of supporters (group members or page fans) had something to do with the results order – but the Brown page has 3,352 fans compared to the Brown 2012 group that has 1,433 members. Do fans not matter as much as members?

Another theory is that the title matters. What I mean is that searching Boston University will rank results titled “Boston University” higher than results titled “BU”.  However, NYU’s Facebook Page gets the number one spot even when you search for “New York University.” And in a search for Brown University, the group titled WMU Class of 2012 is shown higher than the facebook page titled Brown University. I’m starting to feel tongue tied, so I’ll leave you with that … this will be on my mind over the next few days and if you’ve cracked the code – I’d love to see your cheat sheet!

PS. Facebook does not <3 apostrophe’s.  Half the time my searches for X’s automatically drop the ‘s.  i.e. search for Bishop’s and get a bunch of results for bishop (none of them being Bishop’s University).

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