Get out of debt by shopping at Chapters!

I’ve written about emails received as a Chapters Indigo customer before, but this one just struck me as funny: advice on how to get out of debt – starting with a book purchase (and several other books that would be relevant as well).

On the email-marketing side of things, they’ve done great with the nice little “Viewing this on a mobile phone?” that loads a plain text version in your browser – I might have not gone quite so plain and kept some links (aka calls to action/next steps) in there – or a phone number to shop by phone would have been a nice touch (blackberries and iphones highlight phone numbers for one-click calling/contact adding).

I recently got an email from Shoppers Drugmart that was promoting a sale that had another neat header idea – very discretely in the same format as “Can’t read this email?” , they had a line such as “Everyone likes a sale – do your friends a favour and share this email with them!” I think this is a great idea – a nice clean little call to action in an email that otherwise will be deleted and forgotten.  Sales are very “word of mouth” friendly, so why not remind people to share?

The only downside: all these great ideas and our headers are going to be longer than our emails!

Screenshot of recent email from Chapters Indigo

Screenshot of recent email from Chapters Indigo




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