Facebook Screenshots with FireShot Plugin

I owe blog updates, and this is a paltry offer. At least it’s something.

Months ago, Kyle James posted a list of Firefox Add-ons for Higher Education.  (They are useful for most folk, not just higher ed).  SEOQuake and FireShot were both in his list, and are now put to use constantly through my day. Thank you!

Facebook’s new profile has a handy dandy little utility bar floating along the bottom of your browser window – following you wherever you go on a page.  The downside to this useful little bar of shortcuts is that is foils screenshots. See?

After a few months of pouting about my messy looking screenshots, I realized that all you have to do is scroll to the page bottom before taking your shot. So if you would like a lovely long capture of your entire Facebook Page or Group or Profile, just install fireshot and then make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page before taking the capture. Voila:

See? The bar is at the bottom now! Hooray!

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