Welcome to Facebook Timeline: Photos, Milestones & Real Social Marketing

What you need to know about the redesigned Facebook Pages! What are cover photos and how to use them effectively? Interest Lists and the new monitoring opportunity.  Views & Apps: where did tabs go?

Cover Photo

Facebook defines your cover photo as an expression of your business or oganization, and a source of “immediate visual impact” for your Page. Your Display Image used to do double duty as your primary source of visual impact, as well as your face that follows you into the newsfeed.  Designing an image that worked in both situations was definitely possible – but it’s nice to now be able to focus separately on these goals, with no need to compromise.

Many pages have leveraged the Display Image to include contact information or calls to action, which are now no longer permitted by Facebook.  That said, Facebook provides a default area for contact information on every page – which should make it easier for users to find your contact information.  Calls to action? Well those should be ongoing and via posts, rather than static and stuck in an image that stays up for months on end.

Cover photos are 851 by 315 pixels.  Before March 30th, make sure to select a high resolution image for your cover photo and upload it. You can drag the image into perfect position once uploaded. Because your cover photo is where your design team will really get to shine, circle back to your cover photo and get creative.

Check out:

Display Image

So you used your favourite photo in your display image, and now it’s your cover photo too – and it’s picture in picture and not in a good way. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a logo or a wordmark that fits in a square and can be shrunk down to 125 by 125 pixels. That’s a great option for your new display photo.  This element of your page no longer has to carry the weight of being the only design element. It can focus on looking good at 125 x 125, and being the face of your brand in the newsfeed (and looking good against the backdrop of the cover photo).

Did you know? Your display image will almost always be seen at 125 x 125 (or smaller) but is required to be 180 x 180!

Interest Lists

Use similar to Twitter lists, although it doesn’t appear that Pages can have their own lists.

About Section

All that is displayed on your Timeline is the short blurb in About field of the About section. If you have copy available, go ahead and populate the other sections (Mission, Description, General Information, Awards, Products) but spend your time on tweaking the About blurb as it is what will be exposed on your timeline, seen by all visitors.

Views & Apps


Instagram conquered the iPhone in 2011, and Pinterest has taken every social media conversation in 2012. Facebook reports that across all Facebook Pages, the photo application is the most engaging.  Social media has outgrown the status update and Photos are key to getting the most out of Facebook, and social media in general.

Curate your albums, and create a plan for posting regularly.

It looks like the albums are sorted by most recent, so each time you add a photo – it may change your order on you.

Tidy your “Photos of”

Come back and recheck this area after you change your cover or display photo

Other “Views & Apps”

Determine which three you want to feature “above the fold” with Photos.  Create “Custom Tab Images” that are 111 x 74 pixels for these any any others that don’t have an out of the box image that you like.  Tailor the  “Custom Tab Names” as well (labels).  In order to edit your images, names and ordering, you will need to click the little “more” arrow to reveal all of your “Views & Apps” and then hover over the one to be edited and click on the little edit (pencil) icon that appears.


Make sure you have one or two posts that are recent (within a week) and plan to post at minimum weekly going forward (time now becomes more visible).

Remove any posts that you have made that aren’t presentable (and haven’t had interactions). Leave posts from your users, even if you want to remove them.

If there is any content that you want to promote, pin it to the top of your timeline.

If there is any content that you want to display at full width, star it.

Populate a few milestones! Add locations, double space stories between paragraphs.


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