Update: Imposter Facebook 2013 Groups and Admins Deleted

A quick Monday update on the events of last week … The “Grads of 2009” Facebook Group that linked to 16 2013 groups affiliated with  Canadian universities has been deleted, as have the groups themselves, and the Facebook user who was linked to the groups.

Canadian higher ed marketers and web folk: please search Facebook for all varieties of your school name + 2013 and see if there is a group.  It is possible that the fake group was actually the most dominant and now all your applicants will be lost in the wild without explaination as to why the group they joined has suddenly disappeared.  Start a 2013 group if none exists for your school; be transparent about who you are and offer to let students join as officers or even admins. If a 2013 does exist, I highly recommend contacting the admin and thanking them for supporting the school and politely asking if you could also be an admin.  Your reasons for asking this are a) if they abandon the group, it could be taken over by a marketer who would then have the ability to spam all group members (this will only happen if there is only a single admin); b) to provide updates and important dates and to be available for questions and support – but not to interfere with the organic community.

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