Play the ponies: People, puppies & mascots for the Social Media win at #WesternU

Each year tends to have a focus or theme that I can’t stop dreaming about. Last year, it was social video. This year, it’s much more romantic. The age of the “social media guru” has passed and I’m surrounded by a thriving community of communications and engagement professionals who create moments that matter both on and offline. It’s a truly inspiring and humbling time to be me!

The presentations that I gave during this Spring’s conference season reflected this theme. Yes, I was the one onstage but the work that I spoke to came from teams across our campus. My colleagues in student recruitment and alumni engagement are leading Western to break new ground and it’s both an awe and a pleasure to be on their teams.

Many thanks to the folks at CCAE for the invite last week. It was an honour to share what our Western social media teams have been up to over the last few cycles. I’ve included the slides of the presentation below.


How do we get from #offtowesternu and the first day of school, to #purpleandproud families three generations deep? Three parts story-telling, season liberally with video loops – and ask your audience to say “when”. You’ll need a kitchen built for teamwork, and the right tools will make your job a lot easier.

Western’s community-first approach to social media brings together more than 100 staff and faculty through meet-ups, “bootcamp” and ambassador training plus a campus-wide Hootsuite implementation.


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