Speaker Bio & Photo


From helping cities rethink youth services, working with Canada’s best minds working to understand online identity, and showing universities how to reconnect – Melissa Cheater has been building & studying community longer than Shonda has been breaking our Grey’s Anatomy hearts.  She studied Media & Public Interest at Western University, has worked across non-profit, government and private sectors and throughout her career has been breaking new ground in digital strategy (featured in publications such as Maclean’s and the Globe & Mail), helping institutions negotiate the digital shift in communications. Melissa is a digital strategist, specializing in post-secondary education and social network theory, founder of the #PSEWEB conference, and a member of the Department of Communications & Public Affairs at Western University.

Melissa maintains an independent blog at www.melissamae.ca and can be reached via Twitter (@mmbc) or LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/melissacheater).